Orange County reported 15th case of Rabies

We are helping Orange County Animal Services raise awareness that rabies is even more prevalent this year. Orange County has received a report of it’s 15th case of a positive rabies case, just this year alone.

We are urging our friends to check the status of your pets’ rabies vaccination – check health records or their rabies tag. Don’t hesitate to call us, as we can help find this information for you. If your pet is overdue for their rabies vaccination, please make an appointment as soon as possible. Prevention is the best measure to effectively control rabies for our pets and ourselves, and keeping your pets’ vaccinations current is one of the most important responsibilities as a pet owner. It will help provide the necessary protection against the severity of the disease, as well as avoid costly fees or quarantines, or euthanasia in some cases.  Click here for the full news article

What to do if you or your pet comes in contact with wildlife (raccoons, skunks, bats, etc): First, call Animal Control or 911 immediately. Do not handle the animal/wildlife or your pet until Animal Control arrives. Then, contact your veterinarian to schedule a rabies vaccine booster (if your pet is current). Click here for more information from Orange County Animal Services.